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I’m Famous! (Sort of…)

… and other stuff, too.

The famous part is easy: several months ago I took the JP Magazine staff up on their (generic) invitation to showcase the JeepMonster, and I sent them a few photos and a build sheet (such as it is). Lo and behold, they actually *published* it! A picture I sent, and a write-up based on the build sheet, are on Page 98 of the August 2016 issue. If you have a subscription, check it out! If you’re curious enough to buy an issue, go get it! In the meantime, here’s a scan of that page:

JP Mag Aug 2016

They *say* they wanna see it when it’s done; I plan to give them plenty of opportunities on my “Big Jeep Trip” – whenever that happens. There may also be other chances, depending on where I go for the shakedown runs.

In other news…

I visited R & W last week. Robert tells me he hopes to have it ready “in a month. Maybe two.” We all know how *that* goes with our own projects, but he’s getting close. There’s still work to do at the front (front fenders and the a/c condenser / radiator supports, primarily), but nearly all the work at the back is done. Well, except for the final design and fabrication of the gas tank frame and the spare tire carrier.

These photos show the back bumper corners. They’ll provide good jacking points for the Hi-Lift; they’re big enough to stand on; and they’ll protect the rear quarter panels.



Here’s a photo from straight in back of everything. Woe unto the poor person who dares to rearend me!


This shot shows how the bed bar is mounted. I was originally planning on attaching the bar and the cabin ‘cage to the frame, but after some discussion, Robert persuaded me that it wasn’t necessary – the tub is thicker sheetmetal than an original CJ tub, with much stronger body mounts, so he built it this way. The bar is still removable – it uses special bungs to hold the bar to the tub – but it’s a lot simpler now. (The cab ‘cage is also removable, allowing me to paint / powdercoat both of them separately from the tub.)


This final photo shows one of the ways Robert signs his work – with “R & W” cut into the roll cage gussets. He’s rightfully proud of his work, and I’m equally proud to have him on the job.


When the ‘Monster is ready to come out of “drydock” and move to its “fitting-out berth”, we’re going to show it off at 4 Wheel Parts on Speedway in Tucson for a few hours. Obviously, it’ll be a trailer queen at that point, but anyone who wants to will be able to get up close and personal with it. I look forward to seeing you there! Watch this space for the date and time of the unveiling.

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