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Other Monsters


It’s been more than a year since I brought the JeepMonster home from the builder’s shop. In that time, the only thing I’ve managed to do is buy a (partial) set of gauges:


I wrote about these earlier this year, along with the other gauges I want to have. But I thought I’d repeat myself a little bit, if only for some continuity.

In the meantime, I thought you’d like to see some of the other 6×6 rigs that I’ve used for inspiration. Enjoy.×6-jeep-jk-built-by-kenny-at-2017-easter-jeep-safari-in-moab/#photo-01


3 axle TJ.JPG

CJ 6x6




This isn’t an exhaustive photo set, by any means. If I don’t get back to work on the ‘Monster itself relatively soon, I may post another photo compilation for your enjoyment.

But at least you know that I haven’t disappeared. 🙂



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Gauging the Results

Happy New Year (observed)! Yes, I have some actual *progress* to report on the JeepMonster! It’s not a lot, but at this point I’ll take anything.

AutoMeter sent me an email back in November, saying they were having a sale through the end of December on everything they offered. That’s right, *everything*. Depending on how much you bought, you could end up getting as much as $250 back!

Well, time passed way too quickly (I was busy with other projects, and family, and birthdays, and other holidays), and all of a sudden it was December 30. I knew I wasn’t going to have time on New Year’s Eve to order anything, so I hunkered down over my keyboard, stared at the screen, pondered some notes I wrote a long time ago about what I want (and need; they’re not necessarily the same thing), and placed an order. It didn’t quite garner me the full $250 rebate, but it will be enough for $150, so I’m happy with that. I didn’t see the point of trying to figure out another $200 in spending to get another $100 back.

So here’s what I ordered. These all come from AutoMeter’s Jeep(R)-licensed line. Naturally, that adds to the cost of each item, but I *am* building a Jeep, after all, and I don’t want any confusion on that point. 😉

  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Voltmeter
  • Fuel
  • Water Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Transmission Temperature
  • Transfer-Case Temperature (2 – one for the Spicer 18 case and one for the SCS “Magic Box”)
  • Axle Temperature (3 – one for each axle)

I’m also going to get the following gauges. AutoMeter doesn’t make them in the Jeep line, so I’m getting compatible-looking units from other companies.

  • Engine Hours (Teltek; has a non-resettable display to show total hours and a resettable one for time since last [oil change, overhaul, repair, whatever])
  • Air Pressure (Viair; will let me monitor my onboard air supply from the dash)
  • Outside Air Temperature (Teltek? Not sure yet)
  • Compass (?) (There might be a built-in compass in the GPS I will have)
  • Clock (?) (There will probably be a built-in clock in the sound system head unit I will have)

And then there’s all the other stuff that I want / need on, in, or near the dashboard:

  • Headlight switch (includes cabin light rheostat)
  • Three ARB switches
  • Turn signal, cruise control, and high-beam indicators
  • Sound System head unit & two speakers
  • Four A/C vents
  • Dual-battery management system master switch (?)
  • 12-volt power port(s); USB charging and (maybe) data port(s)
  • HVAC controls
  • Auxiliary light switches (rock lights; work lights; driving lights, etc.) and associated indicators
  • On/off/auto switch for electric engine fan
  • Seat heater switches
  • Onboard air switch
  • GPS unit

With all this stuff, I think it might look more like an airplane cockpit than a Jeep, but hey, it’s my project so I can do what I want, right? 🙂

I regret there aren’t any fancy photos this time, but it’s hard to take pictures of something that doesn’t exist. Maybe next time.

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All Together, Everyone, “Ooh, Aah, Ooh, Aah…”

Things are finally beginning to move again on the JeepMonster! I went over to R&W Custom Sliders & Offroad this weekend to make a sturdier template for the body’s side panels. I took with me a couple of sheets of plywood veneer (it’s about 3/8″ thick and looks like stuff you’d see in an inexpensive travel trailer), and Robert and I spent several hours cutting it to the right shape. [I honestly don’t know where the time went – I got there about 9 AM and only stayed for what seemed like a couple of hours, but when I left it was almost 3 PM.]

I had thought we might need two sheets of the plywood, but as the side panels are only 23″ tall at their maximum, we were able to do it with one. So here is the 2′ by [x]’ panel. The first step was to transfer the shapes from the old cardboard template (which has seen better days at this point) to the plywood, beginning with the front edge and working back from there. Along the way, we had to make adjustments due to some design changes Robert and I agreed on over the last several months – things like dropping the bottom of the side panel about 4″ to cover part of the frame and give the body a better proportion, and then dropping the bottom of the door opening 4″ to make it a little bit easier for this old guy to get in and out. Then we decided to drop the fender-flare height 4″ to keep things in line. This is an in-progress photo of deciding where all the openings will go.


The template ended up just about 11 feet long. We cut out the door, the two wheelwells, and the spot near the back of the tub that was originally (on the M38-A1 military version, at least) used for one of the top bows. Once all that was completed, we clamped it more-or-less in place with the dashboard/cowl/firewall that we’re using. This shot shows how the new door opening will look compared to the original (you can see the difference in height between the grey metal and the wood). The back tires are just sitting there; the axles have not yet been reattached to the springs.


This angle shows how the new body will drop down more than the original – the front clamp is at the bottom of the original, while the new panel drops down about four more inches.


Robert expects to get some of the body pieces cut and/or bent this week, so maybe soon there’ll be REAL METAL to show off!

In other news…

Now that there’s a real template to work from, Robert no longer needs all the pieces of Jeep junk-that-used-to-be-a-Jeep, so I brought them home:


It took me a bit of effort (both physical and mental, as I had to figure out ways to safely move things around), but I managed to get everything off the trailer and into the garage / back yard. (The pieces in the garage will also ultimately go into the back yard, but since they have to go through a people-sized gate instead of a vehicle-sized one, I’ll need help with moving them.)


My next task is to strip the hulk(s) of anything remotely useful, like gauges, spring shackles, and axles. Some of it I may use again, but some of it should be usable by someone else – the shackles are super-strong and an inch or so longer than stock, and the axles might come in handy for someone working on restoring an early CJ-5 or CJ-6. You never know.

Speaking of gauges, I was on the Auto Meter site recently to see what’s available (and at what cost). I discovered that they now have a line of Jeep-authorized gauges which, while tempting, I will probably forgo. They’re nothing if not comprehensive, though – there are gauges to measure axle, transmission, transfer-case, and engine-oil temperatures (and the gauge faces are marked so you know which is which), in addition to the standard speedometer, tachometer, coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, and voltmeter. If I were to get all 12 individual gauges [tach, speedo, volts, fuel, coolant temp, oil pressure, oil temp, trans oil, xfer oil, and 3 axles] the cost would be right around $1000. ACK! And then there’s the drilling/tapping/welding that would have to be done to the axles and other parts for the senders. It’s very tempting, but I’ll probably just go with the basics: speedo, tach, oil pressure, coolant temp, volts, and fuel. *sigh* And probably not the Jeep-authorized ones, either. Generics are cheaper, just like drugs.

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