Fame – or Infamy, I’m not sure which

I regret to report that I have no actual progress to report today – in fact, except for buying a bunch of gauges back in January, I haven’t done *anything* on the JeepMonster since I brought it home from the builder last August.

I *have*, however, gained a tiny bit of notoriety.

My fiancee and I were invited to the wedding of one of her relatives in June, in Ireland. Because neither of us had been there before, we decided to accept the invitation. We had a great two weeks there, learning all about Guinness, and Lugnaquilla, and Blessington, and Wicklow, and the Russborough House, and Guinness, and “Riverdance” and “Once” and Irish music, and Guinness, and lots of other things, too, including some well-built Land Rovers (and one really clapped-out, rusted, tired Rover).

The after-wedding reception was held at the Tulfarris resort, and one of the diversions (and icebreakers) for the guests was to complete a “Wedding Guest Bingo” card, where people were supposed to ask around to find someone who

  • Travelled [Irish spelling] to the wedding from Australia
  • Is terrified of baby corn
  • Lived in a hotel as a child
  • Managed a band in Tunisia

and so on. The father of the bride (I think) had sent out an email earlier this year to all the guests, asking for a tidbit about themselves that wouldn’t be widely known. Imagine my surprise when I looked in the lower right corner:


Yup, that’s me – “Currently building a six wheel Jeep”. I don’t remember ever seeing the original email asking for things like this, so I’m assuming my lovely fiancee sent it in.

Some of the bride’s family created a shared online photo album for everyone to contribute photos to, so when I got home I added this one, just to prove it really exists:


I’m still hard at work (or, some days, hardly working) on the house I bought almost a year ago. There’s still lots to do, so don’t expect any real progress on the ‘Monster for a while. I appreciate everyone hanging in there with me, and hope to get it finished – eventually.

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