Tempus Fidgets (Fueled You, Didn’t I?)

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been over a month since my last post here. I’ve been busy with other things (that are totally irrelevant to completing the JeepMonster, but they consumed all of my time), so although I have visited R&W a few times since my last update, I haven’t made the time to tell y’all about them. I’ll try to rectify that.

(And yes, I know that the phrase is actually “tempus fugit,” loosely meaning “time flies,” but my Dad always used “tempus fidgits.” So there you have it.)

Here’s a progress shot from April 10. It shows the gas-filler location and the first pass at the double rollbar. The left hoop will be in the cabin (inside the top) and the right one will be in the cargo bed (outside the top). Extending back from the right hoop is a “rail” that goes back to the rear corner of the Jeep.


Moving along to April 14, there’s more progress on the rollcage. The front hoop has a spreader/stiffener just below the windshield glass; there are four spreaders between the front and back hoops of the cabin cage; and the triangular braces for the bed-mounted hoop have been cut and placed.


This photo, also from April 14, shows the cross-bracing on the rear hoop of the cabin cage; the triangular braces of the bed hoop,and a piece of square tubing running from one side of the ‘Monster to the other. That will become part of the bulkhead that separates the cabin from the cargo bed.


Moving into May, we find that Robert has tacked together a track for the driver’s seat. This isn’t complete, but it will allow me to locate the pedals and steering when I get the ‘Monster home. Once that’s done (along with a lot of other bits and pieces I have to do), I’ll take it back to R&W to have Robert finish the seat tracks and fix anything I buggered up.


The next photo shows the approximate location of the gas tank. The bulkhead panel has been tacked in (covering the square tube shown above) and he’s thinking about how to attach the tank to the ‘Monster. The tank itself is designed for a Chevy Stepvan and holds 40 gallons.


Next up is an interior shot, showing the bulkhead panel and how the fuel hoses are run from the filler neck to the tank.


And that’s where it stands. There’s still a lot to do before Robert releases it to my ministrations, but there is a lot of thought that has to go into each step before any welds are burned. This project is a lot like a chess game, where you have to think ahead 12 or 16 moves to make sure something you do now doesn’t create a problem later on. Robert’s a master at that kind of thinking – much better than I am – and I tip my hat to him.

I’m going to be at the Overland Expo in Mormon Lake (near Flagstaff) this weekend. If you’re there, too, look for the tall guy with the trimmed white beard and the Tucson Rough Riders hat and jacket. I’m volunteering on Thursday and Friday, and I’ll be wandering around as a spectator Saturday and Sunday.

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