Moving Right Along!

Not one, but TWO trips to R & W in the past nine days!

On the 31st, I made another pilgrimage to Marana to see what magic had been wrought. I was not disappointed! The cowl that I delivered a week earlier had been cut from the firewall and side panels and is now clamped to the JeepMonster; the rear wheelwells are now fully-welded, and much of the temporary bracing has been cut away. While I was there, we set the grille and hood in place, too, to see what it will look like. (I know, I know… “Pictures, or it didn’t happen!” Well, I’m happy to oblige.)


Front to back (duh)


The angled weld lines on the rear fenderwell outline a future storage locker (one on each side)


It’s a lo-o-o-o-o-ong cargo area!


The rear corners are big enough for the batteries.


Staring vacantly into the future.

Robert gave me an assignment when I left – he asked me to bring the windshield frame on my next visit, so he could start work on the roll cage. So we agreed that I would come back on Tuesday, which I did. More progress (although some of it is hard to see):


Overview with the windshield frame on.


Closeup of the hand-formed cutout/inset in the rear fender. This is one of the visual cues that I insisted on; it says “Hey, y’all! This is an *OLD* Jeep!” (Later CJs, from the mid-’70s to the end of the production run, don’t have this.) Robert is an AWESOME metalworker!


Here’s the top rail being hand-built to match the look of the originals.

So, as we move into February, and the first anniversary of Robert’s involvement with the JeepMonster approaches (he started work on this in March of last year), I have to say I’m very happy with the progress and totally blown away by the quality of his work. Whatever you want, I’m sure he’ll be able to build it for you.

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