Fenderwells! … Well, fenders…

I didn’t get a chance to visit R & W last week, but Robert was kind enough to send me some shots of the work they did on the rear fenderwells (aka wheel housings, wheelhouses, or inner fenders).

In this shot you can see the back parts of both passenger-side wheel wells, as well as the front part of the front driver-side wheel well.


Moving around to the front, you can see the wheel-well structures taking shape on both sides.


This one shows how the individual plates are lining up for the top. The top and the inner wall will be a single piece of steel.


Here’s a closeup of the area between the two wheels. This’ll be open from the top (with a lid) and will provide storage for things that might have to be rapidly and easily accessible, like a tow strap or winching accessories. The smaller, enclosed space at the bottom is where the angled plates meet one of the under-body supports.


Great things are happening!

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