First Fitting – er, Sitting!

Happy New Year! The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work taking pictures of progress on the JeepMonster!

I didn’t do a *lot* over the past month, but I did pick up a few little bits and pieces, among them the pinion guards for the front and back axles from Ballistic Fabrication (the middle axle, with the Magic Box, will get a custom guard if it needs one)


and “new” hood hinges (new to me, anyway), courtesy of Willys Works, to replace the ones I bent when I rolled the CJ-5.


I got a lead on a cowl-dashboard-windshield-base assembly that’s in better condition than either of the ones I have, and I may be able to trade some of my pieces/parts for it. The gentleman who has the part I want restores old CJ-5s and has four or five of them in various stages of (dis)repair. When he asked me what stuff I had, I suggested he come over and take a look when the weather dried out sufficiently that we wouldn’t drown in the rain. So I expect that to happen sometime in the next week or so. Who knows? He might want so much of my stuff that he’ll pay *me*!

I also visited R & W a couple of times – most recently, this morning. I actually sat on the ‘Monster when I was there a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to ask Robert to take a picture, so we got that done today.


They took the tires off so they could drop the whole thing down lower to make it easier to work on, and also to make sure that it was properly supported (and straight!) to build the body on. If you look hard, you can see part of the inner fender for the passenger side of the middle axle. The rectangular hole near the front of the skin will become a footwell vent.


This is a little better shot; the footwell vent is more visible. The inner fenders will be built with storage boxes between the axles for things like tow straps and jumper cables. I’m still not sure where the batteries will go, but I figure there’s plenty of time to make that decision.

Here’s a shot that will give you an idea of how high it’ll be when it’s done.


Robert hopes to have at least one, and maybe both, of the inner fenders done this week. In the meantime, I need to get the cowl/dashboard/windshield base so he’ll have it when he’s ready for it.

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