Much Ado About Nothing

There really isn’t anything to report tonight as far as progress on the actual JeepMonster build goes, but I did get one decision closer to having something on the road…

It has been decided (by ADOT, actually) that JeepMonster will be registered as a 1957 CJ-6. When I wanted to retitle the CJ-6 tub and frame (and VIN plate) in my name last year, the lady at the local MVD office first told me that I’d have to bring the vehicle to them so it could be inspected – presumably to verify that the VIN plate actually matched the title’s VIN. When I told her it was just a body and a frame, she then said that MVD would have to send someone to my house to inspect the vehicle. But then she said that if I also *registered* it, I could do that and get the title changed right away with no inspection – AND it would be cheaper! Uh…. okay? So I did that, and registered the CJ-6 for one year.

A few weeks ago ADOT kindly sent me an email reminding me that the -6’s registration was expiring at the end of April, and that I needed to renew it by that date or face penalties. My first reaction was to let it go, since I really have no good (or even bad) idea of when the thing will be driveable. But after I thought about it a bit, I decided that I might have a decent chance of it being ready to drive sometime in the next 12 months, so I went ahead and renewed the registration for one year. I had the option of renewing for as many as five years, since it’s old and therefore is exempt from the smog laws, but when I sent it in I still wasn’t sure whether I wanted it to ultimately be a 1957 CJ-6 or a 1961 CJ-5. (The -5 and I have a long history, and I’m using parts from it in JeepMonster…)

Well, the new registration sticker came in today’s mail, and that kind of made it real to me, I guess. So, since I already have a valid registration for a 1957 CJ-6, and I haven’t registered the 1961 CJ-5 for, oh, ten years or so, I decided that JeepMonster will be a CJ-6. So this will be my third Jeep CJ (I briefly also owned a 1977 J-10 after selling my first CJ, but that doesn’t really count), and is continuing my pattern of having an older CJ each time. My first CJ was a 1968 CJ-5; my second is a 1961; and the “new” one will be a 1957. Maybe someday I’ll work my way all the way back to owning a WW II Willys MB or Ford GPW. Maybe.

In other news, I spent the day in my garage sorting out stuff, and making separate piles: One is a pile of stuff that’s definitely going to be used in/on JeepMonster; one is a pile of stuff that’s going to be used in/on the camping trailer; one is a pile of stuff that I have no further use for (actually, that one is out in the side yard and is subject to revision as necessary); one is a pile of stuff that I won’t use but that I might be able to sell (like a perfectly good GM alternator that I’m replacing with one that can run a welder); and one is a pile of stuff that I don’t *think* I’ll use, but I *might* use it, so I’d better keep it around.

I also did some minor work on the CJ-6 body. Someone had welded in a custom-made storage box that I had to cut out, so I did that. Probably the same someone also welded the tailgate shut, so I worked on cutting / grinding through those welds, too.

And I rearranged the other major items in the garage, like the engine hoist and the motorcycle trailer, so I’d have more floor space on which to put Jeep stuff when I get JeepMonster back and am working on it myself.

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