Bits ‘n’ Pieces

There isn’t much to report on tonight, but since I’m using this  as my vehicle to keep track of what I did and when I did it, here’s what’s happening.

I have stripped almost all the nonessential stuff out of the engine bay; the only major items left there are the exhaust headers. Gone are the heater hoses and most of the wiring (well, the heater hoses are in the trash and the wiring is actually still connected to the main fuse block, although it’s been unplugged from the headlights, parking lights, and so on). I still need to work my way back along the frame and take stuff like the electric fuel tank selector off it.

I stopped by Tucson Differential today to see if there was any progress on my middle axle – there wasn’t. Bill, the guy I’ve been working with, doesn’t do the welding himself; his boss (and the owner), Jay, does that. Well, Jay hasn’t gotten around to making my modifications. I asked Bill to tell Jay that “the customer” wants his axle. I also said I’d be back on Friday to collect the back axle – the only thing I needed done on that was to swap the existing pinion yoke for a larger one. Bill said that would take him all of about 3 minutes. I would have brought it home with me this afternoon, but I was on the Honda, and the axle would have been a little awkward to haul home on a motorcycle. Maybe if Jay knows the customer has come by and wants his axle, he’ll “git ‘er done!”

I also visited High Speed Rod & Customs today. Since I’m planning to travel for a year, I want some creature comforts. One of said comforts is air-conditioning. I have heard of Vintage Air through various sources, and I saw a reference to them in a recent issue of one of the 4wd magazines, so I looked on their website to see what they might have that would work for me. They don’t sell online, so my choice was either to call them or to find a local dealer. I chose the latter (because I like supporting local businesses), and their page suggested High Speed (along with 3 others).

High Speed Rod & Customs is a heck of a place! They had a little bit of everything there today, from a Ferrari to a ’66 Corvette to an early Mustang to some little bitty old car that I never did figure out what it was. They also had an *early* Harley-Davidson – so early, in fact, that it had white-rubber tires! It was all I could do not to drool on the cars…

<cough> Back to the story. I ordered the condenser today because that’s the piece that goes in front of the radiator and behind the grille. I figure if I have that in hand, then my frame guy will be better able to guesstimate where the radiator will end up, and where the engine will sit in the new frame. The next piece of the A/C system will likely be the compressor, so I can figure out where everything (alternator, A/C, air compressor, PS pump) will go on the engine and how I’ll power them all – do I use a serpentine belt, or V-belts? If I use a serpentine belt, I’ll need a reverse-rotation water pump and a tensioner, as well as (probably) a couple of idler pulleys. And then I have to figure out how to mount all of those pieces. If I use V-belts, how do I route them? I don’t know if anyone makes a 4-groove crankshaft pulley or water-pump pulley, so something might have to run off one of the other three. Decisions, decisions… And I still have to figure out how to mount all of them and align them properly.

But I did make some progress today. Or, perhaps more accurately, I spent some more money on the project today. 🙂

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